Tatanka Bluffs Retrievers

About APR Kay

Kay comes from the start of our Kennel 20 years ago leading back to my original female Ray's Little KC.  Throughout that 20 year time period we have created a great deal of gun-dogs and very happy owners that have returned for as many as 3 generations of dogs out of these lines over the years.  Kay is very special because she links the start of our kennel to where it is now.  We have added many very competitive lines to her pedigree including amazing pointing lines with GMPR MHR Sauk River's Featherstorm, and top of the line retriever dogs such as FC AFC Carolinas Smoke on the Water.  We are currently training 2 of her pups from last year’s breeding and I am pleased to say that they are everything and more that we hoped to see out of them and encourage anyone that is looking at a pup out of her to come see her and her offspring work I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  Call for references. UPDATE!! Tatanka Bluffs Versa Max out of Kay's first litter has successfully completed her CPR title this spring.