CPR Versa

Versa is an upcoming female of Tatanka Bluffs.  She is what we are all about developing the next generation of hunting companions.  Versa is out of our very own APR Kay who came from our very own Onyx and CPR HRCH Phoenix and Onyx came out of our very first dog who started it all Rays little KC.  Versa shows everything we are looking to develop in the Pointing Lab.  She has an extremely lovable attitude that would melt anybody's heart and a drive to please that is second to none.  This dog has been a true blessing to train and work with like I have never seen.  I personaly will continue her training and we hope to advance her to the GMPR level.  We liked her so much we repeated the breeding to keep another one.   This is a dog to watch as she as she moves her way up.

2 for 2 in her first JH test.

Tatanka Bluffs Retrievers